Bleach [Season 1] Ep 01-20 720p BD Dual Audio Jap+English x265 Eng Sub Hevc

01. The Day I Became a Shinigami.mkv

02. A Shinigami’s Work.mkv

03. The Older Brother’s Wish, the Younger Sister’s Wish.mkv

04. Cursed Parakeet.mkv

05. Beat the Invisible Enemy!.mkv

06. Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo.mkv

07. Greetings from a Stuffed Toy.mkv

08. June 17, a Memory of Rain.mkv

09. Unbeatable Enemy.mkv

10. Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground!.mkv

11. The Legendary Quincy.mkv

12. A Gentle Right Arm.mkv

13. Flower and Hollow.mkv

14. Back to Back, a Fight to the Death!.mkv

15. Kon’s Great Plan.mkv

16. The Encounter, Renji Abarai!.mkv

17. Ichigo Dies!.mkv

18. Reclaim! The Power of the Shinigami.mkv

19. Ichigo Becomes a Hollow!.mkv

20. Ichimaru Gin’s Shadow.mkv